Friday, January 04, 2013

BBC, NME hail Haim

Today, the BBC Sound Of 2013 poll names Haim the Sound of 2013, the annual list compiled by asking "tastemakers" which bandwagon it's best to jump upon.

The NME is patting itself on the back, too:

Yes, Haim are on the front of the NME. What a pity the magazine didn't have the confidence to just give them the cover on their own, but felt they needed to be boosted by the presence of the Palma Violets.

It'd also be more impressive if the NME had given Haim their cover before all the - ahem - tastemakers of the land had tipped them. Or, indeed, not waited until weeks after the Guardian had stuck the band on the front of the Guide.

If only NME could have claimed to have put them on the front back in 2012, eh?


Anonymous said...

Depressing post from someone who's usually bang on the money. It's not a race Simon. Surely you must realise that?

Simon Hayes Budgen said...

No, but the broader point is that the NME is so busy giving covers to the Beatles and the Stones that you're more likely to hear about a band first from a newspaper's listings magazine than your are from the NME.

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