Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Gift vouchers expired

Not an unexpected move, but Deloitte have just announced that any HMV gift vouchers will not be honoured.

I can understand why they do this, but every time that announcement is made, it just destroys any lingering confidence and goodwill, doesn't it?

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Anonymous said...

THe big question here is WHERE THE HELL IS GENNARO CASTALDO TO BREAK THIS DOWN IN TO COMFORTING SUB-GAMBACCINI STATS FOR US ALL??? Seriously though, I have this image of him walking into an hmv this morning, smiling, announcing "My work here is done", then turning and walking off into the sunset muttering something about how it is out 32% less of the time during this season of year following the X-Factor solstice but that is to be expected and the Summer will see an increase in heat, brightness, short skirts and the radio playing Katrina and the Waves

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