Monday, January 28, 2013

Gordon in the morning: Where the mainstream starts

Apparently John Leslie is on the up:

JOHN LESLIE’s trying to take another step back into the mainstream by starring in a video for a new band.
So what is this "mainstream" band, then?
He appears in a promo for VIGO THIEVES’ track Ghosts.
The who?

The Vigo Thieves are a band so far from "the mainstream" that they've had their Wikipedia page deleted due to obscurity.

And where did the band talent-spot Leslies?
The former Blue Peter presenter signed up for a part in the clip after the band’s singer STEVIE JUKES spotted him on daytime TV and thought he’d be perfect for a role.
Is it just me, or is going from daytime TV to a fairly obscure pop video the precise opposite of the moving into the mainstream?

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