Friday, January 18, 2013

Occupy HMV

While Deloitte are still trying to find a buyer for the UK HMV chain, the Ireland branches have been put into receivership and closed.

Staff, understandably, are angry as hell at being told they won't get paid, and are occupying the Limerick store:

Also being hit by the more extreme approach being taken in the Republic are the proceeds from a charity single. RTE explains:

€27,000 in funds raised by a charity single for a seriously ill child are in limbo because of the problems facing HMV.

More than 300 musicians took part in the recording of "Tiny Dancer", which went to number one.

Lily Mae Morrison, a four-year-old from Galway, is undergoing treatment for neuroblastoma at Our Lady's Children's Hospital Crumlin.
The charity says that Deloitte are "aware of the sensitivity of the situation", by which I think they mean they know how bad a terrible situation could look. Perhaps Deloitte might like to pass a share of the squillions they're getting for closing HMV down to the charity as well?

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