Monday, January 21, 2013

Slight fiasco: Lupe booked for inauguration bash

Obviously, choosing an act to play a party in celebration of Obama's inauguration is a tricky business. You might wonder, though, why Washington's Hamilton Live would have plumped for Lupe Fiasco.

I mean, booking Lupe Fiasco at all seems to be an odd thing to want to do at all, but in an event celebrating a man Fiasco calls a child killer it's a bemusing booking.

Lupe started his set with a half-hour war song, and ended the set that way, too, as he was "helped" from the stage by security.

At the moment, backstage at the White House, Joe Biden is assuring Barack there won't be a repeat at the inauguration proper as "this Teddy Nugent guy I've booked is a real patriot, apparently".

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