Friday, January 18, 2013

The long Game

Last March, computer game store Game was having difficulties, and HMV was gloating. Gennaro Castaldo, hearing the rival chain was finding it hard to get hold of stock, sensed a chance:

We are working hard on our own advertising, PR and promotional activities, including specially-built product zones on, to send a positive message out to consumers so they know we have these titles in stock, and to highlight special deals we may be offering.
I think it's fair to say that the virtual-reality boot is now on the other player's foot controller. One winter on, and Game are offering to buy chunks of HMV's corpse:
Retailer Game has revealed that it is one of the 50 separate groups or individuals who have expressed an interest in buying all, or part of HMV.

Game has asked HMV's administrators, accountancy firm Deloitte, about the possibility of purchasing an undisclosed number of HMV stores.
Perhaps the best continuity bet for HMV having a (probably short-term) future comes from Hilco. They own the Canadian HMV, which operates under a licence.

It's a collapse jam-packed with irony.