Sunday, January 06, 2013

Vini Reilly: Back balanced

Good news, following on from the appeal for help for Vini Reilly earlier this week: he's had enough offers of help to get him through the tough patch. The Durutti Column website has an update:

I've just spoken to Vini and told him how much has been donated by fans and music lovers worldwide – he's ecstatic.

He's said that enough has now been donated to ensure that he can pay off all of the backlog of rent that he owed, and he's asked me to pass on his huge gratitude to you all and let you know that no further donations are needed.

He's explained that going forward he should be able to afford to pay his rent, but the debt relates to the period after he had his three strokes but before he was assessed for disability allowance.
Good news to brighten a dank Sunday.

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