Thursday, February 07, 2013

Dave Grohl grabs at Britney Spears' breasts

Dave Grohl is currently filling in as a chat-show host, covering Chelsea Handler's Chelsea Lately. On one show, his thoughts turned to Britney Spears:

She just kinda seems dead inside, like there's nothing behind her eyes…
Well, a lot of people have worried about Britney for a long time, Dave, particularly the concern that she's going through the motions on behalf of those who have a financi... oh, you hadn't finished?
Like there's nothing in her boobs anymore!
Hold on, what?

I suppose we should be thankful to Grohl - while scientists struggle for years to discover new particles, Grohl has managed to isolate what appears to be a subatomic form of sexism.

Oh, sure, there's the usual sexism - reducing Britney Spears to her tits.

But then there's a much, much deeper sexism there, reducing her to as just some sort of milch-cow, while simultaneously declaring her to have been milked dry, and thus without value at all.

Here's a thought, Dave: perhaps she's dead inside because of people looking at her and going "it's not even like her tits are that pert these days."

Doubtless Foo Fighters fans are already preparing defences of Grohl. By tea time, I imagine they'll be able to explain how he's actually being progressive.