Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Gordon in the morning: Brits 2013 - Olly Murs has hopes

Olly Murs is making up the shortlist numbers - sorry, has been nominated in two categories in tomorrow night's Brit awards. He's not expecting much, though:

Olly said: “It’s an award that’s voted for by the industry, so I won’t win. If it was voted by the fans then I might have a chance."
Given that Olly is on Syco, part of Sony, and is a complete creation of the music industry, this suggestion that somehow it conspires against him is cute.

Even cuter the suggestion that if it was down to a fan's vote he'd stand a better chance - rather than the organisers simply putting all the prizes in a box and sending them off to One Direction before they'd even published the website.
“It’s great to be nominated this year, with those other guys, so perhaps it’s a step forward within the industry and with journalists. Maybe they’re starting to notice my achievements.”
It turns out Olly is wandering about with a sense that he doesn't get his due. Why don't people recognise his achievements? It's not everyone who can dress like Mickey Pearce and not be ashamed to leave the house, you know.
He said: “People come from The X Factor and they might stick around a year or two, so I’m proud to carry on selling records, to grow a fanbase and be on three albums.

“It’s a massive achievement and it doesn’t get highlighted enough, the three albums I’ve released and the sales I’ve achieved. I think it’s amazing and I’m really chuffed, but it doesn’t get written.”
Suggesting that getting a massive launch via a then-popular television programme and the support of one of the largest record companies in the world is somehow a challenge rather than an enormous leg-up - it's only a surprise he called his autobiography Happy Days instead of My Struggle.

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