Thursday, February 28, 2013

Gordon in the morning: Spice Girls split (again) (if they're actually getting back together)

This morning, Gordon Smart reports that Victoria Beckham has left The Spice Girls.

What? You didn't realise the band was a going concern at the moment?

No, no, you misunderstand. She's quit the band next year.

What? You didn't realise the Spice Girls were playing dates next year?

Gordon explains:

An Aussie radio host claimed the band plan to tour Down Under in 2014 – and went on to say that a “very reliable source” had promised Victoria would be very much part of the gigs.

But a spokesman for the fashion designer yesterday denied Posh would be involved in a possible tour.
So that's someone denying the possibility that Beckham would be part of a tour that we only have an "Australian radio host's" word is happening.

(Not even a name for the radio presenter, Gord? Was he talking off-the-record on-the-air?)