Friday, February 01, 2013

HMV "intern" wasn't an intern; didn't hijack account

Today has just done a piece on the HMV Twitter sackings yesterday - there seemed to be a general assumption that the problem was that HMV had given a "junior team member" a Twitter log-in, rather than the perhaps more serious problem that HMV was sacking people in a brutal fashion.

Jeremy B's Twitter feed has pointed the world in the direction of Poppy Rose's personal account. She's the person who was tweeting on HMV's behalf as the axe was being swung about. And, despite the repeated suggestions that she was an intern, she wasn't.

Here's her side of the story, collated from a series of tweets (There's much more on her timeline):

I would apologise for the #hmvXFactorFiring tweets but I felt like someone had to speak. As someone without a family to support/no mortgage

I felt that I was the safest person to do so. Not to mention, I wanted to show the power of Social Media to those who refused to be educated

Just to set something straight, I did not ‘hijack’ the hmv twitter account. I actually assumed sole responsibility of Twitter & Facebook -

- over two years ago, as an intern.When asked (this afternoon), I gladly provided the password to head office. I also set another member of

staff up as a manager on Facebook, and removed myself from the admin list. I didn’t resist any requests to cooperate.
There's also a punchline, posted two hours ago:

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