Friday, February 01, 2013

HMV sacks workers painfully, clumsily

When HMV went into administration, management were quick to stress they'd continue business as usual, and yesterday's sacking of 190 staff at head office and across the distribution network was done in typical HMV style - management behaving carelessly and loading pain on top of humiliation.

The Guardian captured screenshots as staff got wind of what was happening, and took to Twitter:

But, you might be asking, how could the poor management at HMV know that Twitter would be seized by the people who were paying the price for their mistakes?

They might have had a clue from the official Twitter account of the Irish stores, which even now sports an angry cross and the name "Store closed":
There's also some pretty direct criticism of the HMV management, sitting there:

What's that? Maybe it wasn't an officially-sanctioned account, and perhaps the London HMV communications and management people didn't even know of its existence?

Unlikely, as here is a message from the account - sent in (marginally) happier times, but now carrying the piratical 'store closed' and grim cross - in HMV spokestwitterer Gennaro Castaldo's account:

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