Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Morrissey: Don't ask, don't tell, no need

Morrissey might be too ill to play gigs, but he's not so unwell that it's stopped him saying preposterous things.

It turns out he believes that straight people cause wars:

"War, I thought, was the most negative aspect of male heterosexuality,” he said. “If more men were homosexual, there would be no wars, because homosexual men would never kill other men, whereas heterosexual men love killing other men.”
This might come as something of a newsflash to, amongst others, Ken Halliwell, who would be surprised to discover he was straight all along.

Still, it's not like Morrissey's thought his thoughts through, is it? Why would there have been such a struggle to repeal Don't Ask, Don't Tell if there were no gay soldiers?

Doubtless Moz believes himself to be essaying a positive stereotype, but it's just that - a stereotype. It would be lovely to think that gay people were predestined to be all about the love and the hugs, but as Mozzer should know full well that some gay men can be just as big thugs as some straight men can be.

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