Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Popobit: Reg Presley

The other Presley has left the building. Reg Presley, lead singer with The Troggs, has died.

Yesterday we saw Oasis being described again as their generation's Beatles, but it's perhaps fairer to see The Troggs as the Oasis of the 1960s - for a long time, The Troggs Tapes was the go-to source for 'bands arguing in the studio', until it was eclipsed by Wibling Rivalry.

Slowly, though, the band's musical legacy has re-established itself - Wild Thing; Love Is All Around - the Wet Wet Wet cover of which allowed Presley to spend a happy time looking at crop circles. And this:

Any Way That You Want Me got a better cover that Love Is All Around:

Reg Presley had retired from music last year, as lung cancer had incapacitated him; he died following a series of strokes. He was 71.

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