Wednesday, February 13, 2013

The Northern Uproar will rise again

You know what's odder than there being a Northern Uproar reunion?

It's discovering they've been reunited for seven years already. That's over three times the length of their original lifespan.

So, album number four is about to head our way. Leon & Chris tell Louder Than War what it's like:

Leon: it sounds, yeah, ‘heavy feel ‘ that would describe two thirds of it, pretty raw, all of us playing in a room, then there’s a few that we got the acoustics out on for a bit of light and shade

Chris: It feels like a a strong album to us, all killer, no filler, we had 40 songs to go at. So plenty of choice, our producer Chris Hamilton has brought a really fresh sound to it all
I know, for a fact, Lennon and McCartney described the White Album in almost exactly the same terms.