Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Gordon in the morning: Blue Peter bad

Two of Gordon's team, Rachel Dale and Laura Armstrong, rush to the defence of Yvette Fielding, accused by Woman magazine of calling Harry Styles a text pest:

But yesterday Yvette, whose son Will was childhood pals with the singer, issued a statement saying: “This story is a load of b******s, he never did it and I never said it.”

Robin Twist, partner of Harry’s mum Anne, said an “upset” Yvette had phoned to clear the air.

Speaking from their Cheshire pad, he added of the article in Woman magazine: “It is total rubbish. Yvette is very upset about it all — she called Anne this morning to explain what had happened.”
The irony of The Sun running a story about someone else's made-up bollocks I'm sure isn't lost on any of us.

The real problem for Yvette Fielding was not the story, but the fallout. You know what One Direction fans are like, and by the time the story had percolated down through to the lower school playground, it was out of control:
Ex-Blue Peter presenter Yvette spent yesterday in hiding, after furious 1D fans bombarded her with abuse on Twitter, blasting her as “bitter and vile”, a “psycho” and a “tramp”.
Because when your hero is accused of sending inappropriate texts to a person, the right thing to do would be to send inappropriate Tweets to that person. That can only make things better.