Thursday, March 28, 2013

Guitarobit: Jay Smith

Jay Smith, guitarist for Matt Mays, has died. Mays published an announcement on Facebook:


Our guitar player and dear friend Jay Smith passed away this morning in Edmonton. As you can all imagine, we are completely devastated. However, in our heart of hearts we know that we need to Play on. Jay's family as well as the band know he would have wanted it that way. All the proceeds from the remaining shows will be put into a trust for his two beautiful children. Jay's wit, charm, and unparalleled love of music will never be forgotten.

He was our brother and he will live in our hearts and song forever.

Matt, Serge, Damien, Adam and Matt
Smith won the 2009 East Coast Music Award for Songwriter of the year; he led his own band, Rock Ranger, for most of the first decade of this century, joining up with Mays' backing group El Torpedo from 2007. He also released a free solo collection through Bandcamp.

No details about the cause of death have been made public.

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