Saturday, March 02, 2013

Some men have short dicks. Get over it.

There's currently proposals in Finland to strengthen rape laws, which has upset men like this who feel that there's something ridiculous about the idea that simply not having consented to sex means you're being raped.

The blog is depressing, as are the comments beneath. But there is something extraordinary contained within. Suddenly, in between cock-wearers raging at how unfair the idea of asking the person you're fucking if it's okay, and suggesting that perhaps "violence" would somehow be the appropriate response, out of nowhere anonymous pipes up:

An example of the kind of idiocy we are surrounded with:

"This single, which involves a woman mocking the size of a man's penis, was also released in a toned down version replacing the word "dick" with "short" (the song was also released under the censored title "Short Short Man").[1] Co-writer Manfred Mohr told the Los Angeles Times that the point of the song was to attract attention. "We figured there were all these songs by men bashing women and treating women like sex objects. So we decided a song that turned the tables on men might attract some attention."[2] According to the vocalist Sandra Gillette, the point of the song is to "strike back at all the women-bashing songs in pop, especially in rap." [2]"

From subchapter "Content":
Yes, that's someone who not only is still angry about a song that came out twenty years ago, but also seems to have completely missed the point that it was designed to get the rise out of people like him. Even while posting a piece from Wikipedia that explains that that was the point.

Maybe, though, anonymous has a point. How can men thrive when, once every couple of decades, an attempt is made to reflect back the inherent sexism of a large part of Western culture? That's just going to make those very, very tiny dinkies shrink ever further.

Won't someone think of the child-men?

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