Sunday, March 17, 2013

This week just gone

The things that have excited Facebook users enough to bring them over the walled garden onto No Rock in the last twelve months:

1. Neil McCormick's Kraftwerk piece bears strange resemblance to Jude Rogers' one
2. Bloc Festival collapses in chaos
3. Simon Worrall tribute album preview
4. Radiohead attempt to block touts fails
5. Rounder Records to close
6. NME's best singles of 1993
7. Liverpool council torpedoes MelloMello
8. Slowdive reunion: could happen, in at least some universes
9. What do the BBC cuts mean for music
10. The Word folds

These were this week's interesting things:

Derek Bowie - The Next Day

Download The Next Day

Devendra Banhart - Mala

Download Mala

Hurts - Exile

Download Exile