Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Popobit: Christina Amphlett

Her name might not be instantly recognisable, but you'll know her voice, and you'll know her voice from this song:

Christina formed The Divinyls with Mark McEntee after being introduced in a Sydney car park. A period of gigging on the pub circuit followed, before Amphlett landed a role in the film Monkey Grip, bringing with her a collection of her band's songs for the soundtrack.

The international breakthrough came with I Touch Myself - a hit in Australia, America and Britain. It could have been a solid base for a glittering career, but the record label managed to screw things up and the ensuing spat meant that, outside their home market, the band never capitalised on its success. Even after Virgin dropped them, BMG proved to be no more nurturing a home, not even bothering to release the Underworld album in the US.

The band split in 1997 after the core of McEntee and Amphlett fell out; they reunited in 2006 for an ARIA Hall Of Fame performance which then became a fully-fledged comeback.

Amphlett was diagnosed with MS in 2007; the Divinyls continued until 2009 when things just fell apart a bit.

In 2010, Amphlett announced she had also been diagnosed with cancer. She died on April 21st in New York; she was 53.

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