Monday, April 29, 2013

You might like: Uncool

A new music magazine? In 2013? That pays its contributors? Can it really be?

Yes, it can: introducing Uncool:

Here’s what you’ll find inside:

Punk Rock Princesses: A Case For Something Corporate by Devon Maloney
Dangerously In Love: My Decade With Beyonce by Jamieson Cox
Repeat Offenders: Pressing Play, Over And Over Again by Harley Brown
Guiltless Pleasures: Imagining A Post-Snob World by David Greenwald, Simon Vozick-Levinson and Lindsay Zoladz
Miss You Like Crazy: Canada’s Lost Boy Bands by Melody Lau
He Ain’t Even Know It: On Rick Ross, Rap And Responsibility by Henry Adaso
I Don’t Want To Come Back Down From This (Sound)Cloud by Taleen Kalenderian
Why Bother? Talking To Myself About Weezer by Jillian Mapes
It's Three-NinetyNine American, which at current exchange rates is about two fifty in GBP or 198 in Kyrgyzstani Som; pdf only.

Writers being paid. Worth supporting.

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