Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Ellie Goulding is on the side of the kids

You see the headline "Ellie Goulding bends the rules" it's natural to be a bit cynical. What's she done? White after Labor Day?

Nope, she's been... checks again to make sure ... encouraging fans to defy The Man to form a moshpit. Is that right, American Songwriter?

“I know this venue is supposed to be seated, but I like having people near me.” With that, Ellie Goulding defied the [Nashville] Ryman Auditorium’s ushers and stage managers — the same people who’d been spending the first third of her set rushing from aisle to aisle, shooing people back into their seats — and created something that’s rarely seen at the Ryman: a mosh pit.
They admit it was a PG mosspit, but even so... it was a mosspit. And even though they were moshing to, erm, a cover of Your Song, it was still a tiny moment of Footloose-style rebellion. Well done, Ellie Goulding.