Saturday, May 04, 2013

Festivals: All yesterday's parties

A quick note on the passing of the holiday camp iteration of All Tomorrow's Parties, and two perspectives on it.

Catriona Gray in the New Statesman sees a positive:

Founder Barry Hogan’s desire to preserve the festival’s authenticity – by calling a halt to it before it has a chance to stale or mutate into another commercial-driven affair – is manifested in his unusual choice of headliner for the final weekend: eighties alt-rock band Loop, who are temporarily reforming for the event.
The Quietus, though, suggests it might have been a slightly more hard-nosed business decision:
Somewhat melancholy news reaches the Quietus offices this morning in the form of an email informing us that long-running festival hosts All Tomorrow's Parties are "calling time" on the holiday camp editions of the festival. The aim, they say, is to "allow ATP to focus on their growing schedule of city and international based events in 2014 and beyond."