Friday, May 24, 2013

Leona Lewis: Hold the front page

Contact Music has a hell of a scoop:

I know, this changes everything, right?

At first, it seems like ContactMusic has made a terrible mistake, and confused science with whimsy:

Leona Lewis wanted to get into astronomy when she was younger.

The 28-year-old singer was ''fascinated'' by the stars, moons and planets when she was at school and always liked the idea of going into space one day.

She said: ''We had a telescope at school and I loved marking all the stars so I wanted to get into astronomy.

''I'm fascinated by the idea of going into space, but I'd be so scared I don't think I could do it.''
But it turns out the confusion between astronomy and astrology is shared by Leona:
While Leona has now accepted the fact space travel is probably just a pipe dream, she still reads books about astrology and believes she has some of the characteristics associated with her sign of the zodiac, Aries.
Yes, because flying into space isn't in any way totally different from a superstition about the planets.

It's like saying "although Leona believes she'll now never be a Michelin chef, she still reads Munch Bunch books."
She added to Stylist magazine: ''The planets definitely have an effect on our system, how we behave, our moods and emotions."
They definitely do, do they, Leona?
''I was born on April 3, which makes me an Aries baby. According to a book I read, the typical traits are that a person is juvenile, free-spirited and can be blinded by ambition.

''I definitely have some of those characteristics.''
Well, that's me looking stupid. You tell us that the planets dictate your character due to your date of birth, and then say that "some" of the characteristics you'd expect to have under those circumstances are ones that you have.

That's totally convincing.

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