Sunday, May 26, 2013

Omarion sued by fans who say his security forced them into car park fight

Oh, Omarion. With all the miserable news this week, we'd have been hoping for an update from Omarion to reassure us all that he's alright, but instead, we're going to have to focus on him being sued by his own fans.

Last September, Omarion did a gig in New York where part of the advertising, apparently, included a promise of tight security.

That seems to be "tight" in the sense of "somewhat mean", as when trouble started, security just pushed everyone out into the car park. Even Brunel Jordonne and Kenson Sainvilus, who once ejected, were (they say) beaten up badly.

Adding literal insult to literal injury, security only stepped in to spray mace into Kenson's eyes as he tried to escape the beating.

Not unreasonably, they're blaming Omarion. And, being America, that means lawyers.