Friday, June 21, 2013

Ha ha Har Mar Superstar not a replacement Replacement

Yesterday, Har Mar Superstar tweeted that he was going to be the new Replacements guitarist.

Spin ran this news as fact.

They've updated their story a little now:

Har Mar Superstar Didn't Join the Replacements

Update: It never made much sense anyway
Yeah, it never made any sense at all, although that didn't stop Spin announcing they'd confirmed the surprise signing. I wonder what the 'confirmation' process was - "it's obviously bollocks, but on the other hand that time two of Spandau Ballet signed for Melchester Rovers, but that really happened. On which basis..."

For those of you who have trouble remembering which one is Andrew WK, and which is Har Mar Superstar, here's a simple mnemonic: It doesn't matter.