Thursday, June 06, 2013

Jeffobit: Joey Covington

Joey Covington, the drummer from Volunteers-era Jefferson Airplane, has died.

According to his personal website, when he announced plans to become a professional drummer, his father wasn't entirely supportive:

"So you wanna be a drummer son, huh? Okay, but you have to understand, there won't be any social security, and what about your medical?"
He muddled through, though.

Covington had drummed with Hot Tuna, the band parts of Jefferson Airplane had formed during a hiatus enforced by Grace Slick's surgery; he followed them back into the band when Spencer Dryden quit. He stuck around for Bark, but left the band while they were recording Long John Silver.

Covington's sedan left the road in Palm Springs on Tuesday afternoon, crashing into a wall. He died at the scene. Joey Covington was 67.

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