Saturday, June 15, 2013

Kim Deal quits the Pixies

Kim Deal has left the Pix... hang on, what?

Are you sure, USA Today?

The Pixies have not toured together since fall 2011 and last released original music in 2004.
No future plans have been announced by the remaining Pixies members, which include Black Francis, David Lovering and Joey Santiago.
What exactly has she "left"? Shouldn't this statement read "Kim Deal has gotten tired of sitting around waiting for something to happen"?


Anonymous said...

So if they are still around (sitting doing nothing) that means that reunited Pixies have somehow now been around longer than original Pixies? How did this happen?

Anonymous said...

Kim seemed to be more reluctant to record new material than the rest of the band, save for those two songs in 04/05.

Charles and Joey were recording in Wales at the end of last year.

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