Saturday, June 29, 2013

Nobody comes between me and my Michael Buble tickets

Up in Dundee, Agnes Neish came home to find a burglar going through her stuff.

She told him to drop the stuff, he scarpered. Police caught him; she got her things back.

The Courier records her joy:

She has now been reunited with her possessions, including her [Michael Buble] tickets and is looking forward to seeing the singer in London next week.

She said: “Of all the things he stole I was most upset that he took my tickets and I am delighted I got them back.”
The paper pitches this thus:
Dundee pensioner tackles burglar to save her Michael Buble tickets
That's a great headline, although the facts of the story mean the headline would be more honestly:
Dundee pensioner shouts at burglar to save possessions, presumably unaware of what he might have taken at this point; scaring him off but eventually gets Michael Buble tickets back
But why let the facts, etc etc?

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mya horan said...

Wow well done agnes

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