Sunday, June 02, 2013

Quadron Quarter-past Quartet: Hey Love

For the Hey Love video, Quadron worked with choreographer Fatima Robinson. Coco told Okayplayer what that was like:

It was super-scary. She’s super, super dope. She has this strong energy around her and she’s so talented and down to earth. She thought the idea I had for the song was super cute and she was just down for it. She taught me how to kind of feel my body, which was awkward. When she did it, I was like “Can’t you just do it?” She’s so great. I was trying to be serious about my movements. I think I really want to work more with her. I feel just the one or two days with her I got so much more comfortable.
And this is what it came out looking like:

[Part of the Quadron Quarter-past quartet. More in an hour]