Saturday, June 22, 2013

Still on the Steps

Wasn't Ian Watkins trying to move away from the curse of having been H a while back?

How is that going?

Yes, not only are the producers worried that "Ian Watkins" and his face don't have much brand recognition, but even after putting "H" into his name, they're still so nervous that they have to call him
Ian H Watkins H FROM STEPS
Let's hope ticket sales go well, otherwise they're going to have to add "You know, they did that Bee Gees cover, and he was on Big Brother" onto the posters.


Rick said...

Remember: the H stands for hyperactive.

That's hom... sorry, I mean that's HYPERACTIVE.

Chris Brown said...

I suppose it's possible they might want to emphasise that it's not the other Ian Watkins at the moment.

aa.logan said...

Or that the above commenter was the other Chris Brown...

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