Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Face '83: Booker Newberry III

Hip-hop seems to be getting a bit of a cold shoulder when viewed with some perspective, but to be fair to The Face, they were sat in London trying to weigh what was happening in New York. They knew enough to know that this stuff was changing music - and their judgement there should be applauded - but didn't quite know enough to get what was worth saving for history.

A quick leap over the you-don't-need-these-embedded here for Power, Corruption and Lies from New Order and The The's Soul Mining, both albums, and both wise and sage choices - The Face 18; history 14.

This brings us to Booker Newberry III. The question we need to ask here: is this great, or is this Radio One Roadshow style soul?

Even Gary Davies couldn't destroy that. Even if he danced to it. Even if he danced to it wearing shorts.

(Newberry seems to have vanished off the face of the earth shortly after this. Anyone know what happened to him?)

The Face 19; history 14.

[Part of The Face's best recordings of 1983]

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