Sunday, July 07, 2013

Face '83: Rufus & Chaka Khan

Somewhat missing the point, the Rocklist list for this credits Rufus but makes no mention of Chaka Khan, which you've got to hope is an error in translation rather than a mistake in the Face's original.

This is unquestionably great. Apparently it nearly ended up as a track on Thriller, but Quincy Jones was too slow and by the time he asked, it had been promised to Russ Titelman. You wonder which of the makeweight tracks on Thriller would have been tossed overboard to make room for Aint Nobody if Jones had been quicker - one suspects Paul McCartney could have safely saved a journey to the recording studio.

The Face's judgement 11; the judgement of history 6

[Part of The Face's best recordings of 1983]

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