Friday, July 12, 2013

Face '83: Steve Arrington

The list has this down as 'Steve Arrington - I', but it's actually Steve Arrington's Hall Of Fame, Volume One.


Arrington had been a member of Slave, and this was his first solo effort. Here's a taste of what it was like: the track Speak With Your Body:

Arrington was about to discover Jesus, release an album with a bona-fide international hit (Feels So Real), quit music, became a minister, got praised as the first guy to balance secular soul with gospel music, and win a Grammy kinda-sorta.

All of that, though, was in the future. This wasn't the future. And looking from the future, this doesn't seem all that. The Face 23; history 20.

More-or-less as I write this, Arrington is in a studio somewhere prepping this album for re-release.