Monday, July 08, 2013

Face '83: The Style Council

When this video first appeared, Number One screengrabbed the arse out of it, running a 'Warning: Ear fondling' splash on the contents page.

It was about as close as you could get to homoeroticism without feigning an interest in novels where people drink tea back then.

Of course, fans of his previous band never warmed to the whole Style Council project - but then Merton Parkas fans knew what they liked, and were slow to change. That Weller guy is in it, too.

I'm minded to award the point for this round to The Face, but history is objecting. History's fans are on their feet, chanting "cappuccino kid" over and over again.

A slim victory for The Face, I think. Face 13; history 9.

[Part of The Face's best recordings of 1983]

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