Thursday, July 18, 2013

Gordon in the morning: Jay-Z goes to Wiltshire

Back at the weekend, Jay-Z went to Wiltshire to look at the Magna Carta, like what his new album is supposedly named after.

It looks to have been one of the publicity stunts that aren't meant to look like publicity stunts - the type where you get spotted and are all "oh, I was trying to make this a private visit how terrible that you will put it in your newspapers at a time when I'm trying to sell my record."

Trouble is, it turns out nobody noticed. So now, his team have released pictures of Jay-Z not doing a publicity stunt at Salisbury Cathedral, just to make sure that nobody misses him not drawing attention to himself on the visit.

source said: “Jay-Z kept the visit quiet because he didn’t want it to become a big publicity stunt. He travelled down from London in a small group in his classic Aston Martin."
Nothing says "this was a low-key visit" like making sure journalists know the swish car he was driving when he popped down.