Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Jon Secada feels unexploited, sues

Most people, hearing that a company had failed to make any money out of turning Jon Secada into a brand might shrug, perhaps pull a 'the name rings a dull bell' face and move on.

Not Jon Secada, though. He's suing Hans Reinisch, and a company called Secada Worldwide Licensing LLC because they've failed to make money from the myriad opportunities offered by the Jon Secada name. The Palm Beach Post captures the flavour of betrayal:

Secada alleges breach of contract against SWL “for failing to undertake any, let alone, reasonable efforts” to exploit Secada’s name or develop any products or business opportunities for him.

“He made a whole bunch of promises and has done nothing,” said Secada lawyer Richard Wolfe of Miami.
If Jon Secada is going round suing things for having taking early promises and turning them into nothing, it's likely he'll become the first man to sue his own career.