Sunday, July 14, 2013

This week just gone

This week, I spent an incredible amount of time with The Face's best recordings of 1983.

What were the most popular?

1. Tina Turner - Let's Stay Together (really?)
2. Malcolm McLaren - Duck For The Oyster (oh, for the love of...)
3. Tom Waits - Gin-soaked Boy
4. Shannon - Let The Music Play
5. M-Tume -Juicy Fruit
6. Animal Nightlife - Native Boy
7. Malcolm McLaren - Soweto
8. Nile Rodgers - The Land Of The Good Groove
9. 23Skiddo - Coup
10. Grandmaster Melle Mel

If Tom Waits is sat at home going "third most popular - not too shabby", the average dwell time on that page is fourteen seconds. Fourteen.

There was a flurry of releases:

Darren Hayman & the Short Parliament - Bugbears

Download Bugbears

Julia Fordham - Under The Rainbow

Download Under The Rainbow

Over You - Throwing Up

Download Throwing Up

Emily Barker - Dear River

Download Dear River

Maps - Vicissitude

Download Vicissitude

Bastille - Pompeii

Download Pompeii

New Order - Live at Bestival

Download Live At Bestival

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