Friday, August 09, 2013

Lady GaGa apparently wants to tell you how to listen

Artists who understand their audience maximise their recordings to fit the technology that audience will use.

So, the best artists of the 1960s tailored their mixes to sound good on transistors. By the 1990s, engineers strove to make the best of the CD format.

Some people, though, just stick out recordings and expect you to conform. That group includes your GaGa:

The singer teased the LP in a series of tweets this morning, emphasizing both the lush quality of her material and her hatred for poor fidelity. "oh, & just a suggestion... use HEADPHONES when listening to the new music, ARTPOP is ELECTRONIC CANDY & DELISH ON THE EARS," she wrote. "THE SPEAKERS ON YOUR COMPUTER are NOT ACCEPTABLE, unless you like hearing music underwater. I do not."
Yeah, you. You organise your life round Lady GaGa's demands.

(I can't even begin to run after the stick that is calling your album Artpop, and then insisting it's electronic candy. I don't think any of us have the energy.)

Frankly, GaGa, if you're making music right now and don't expect it to be consumed - at best - on tiny little earbuds after having been compressed onto a phone or over a sub-perfect broadband system - you're not making pop at all.