Sunday, August 18, 2013

Mel C furious on Matt Cardle's behalf

They've knocked together some sort of new promo film for the next series of X Factor - I suppose based on that one they've already been showing; the one that would have been called a megamix in the past. The one that actually manages to make you go 'maybe Swagger Jagger wasn't that bad at all'.

Trouble is, they've forgotten to put Matt Cardle in it.

Mel C is fuming about that:

“I think it's really f***ing rude the way they have left him out.

“He was such a great ­winner and he’s gone on to do brilliant things. Matt’s possibly one of the best winners on the show.”
If you're wondering where Mel has got the impression that Matt has been doing brilliant things, it helps to know that he's done a duet with her.

It's certainly true that Matt is right up there in the top ten winners of the series, which has had ten winners.

When asked why they left Cardle out of the film, a spokesperson for the X Factor looked blank, scratched his head and said "what's that? Is that Steve Brookstein?"

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Chris Brown said...

Odd thing is, that duet looks like it might go T10, which would make him one of the more successful winners. No, neither did I.

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