Saturday, September 21, 2013

Planet Bluegrass will rise again

Amongst the thousands of properties hit by the horrific floods in Colorado was Planet Bluegrass in Lyons, home of the RockyGrass bluegrass festival.

They're pledging to rebuild:

Organizers hope the main festival stage will require refurbishing only, as will Ferguson's house, which is on the ranch property and was hit with 4 feet of water and mud. They plan to restore the bathhouses in the same location and having the offices rebuilt by Thanksgiving. The Wildflower Pavilion venue "took a big hit," Eyster said.

"But we're 100 percent committed that on July 25-27, we will be in Lyons and Rocky- Grass will happen that weekend," he said. "Just on the emotional power alone, it'll be the best RockyGrass ever. It has to be."
There's a lot of demand around for support following the floods, but if you'd like to help Planet Bluegrass get back on its feet, there's an online fundraiser and they'd be delighted with anything you could afford to chip in.

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