Wednesday, October 09, 2013

Bookmarks: Frankie And The Heartstrings

Riley-endorsed band Frankie And The Heartstrings have opened a record shop (which is a bit like a cow getting a job on the cheesecounter). BBC News' Ian Youngs went down to see if they had I Just Called To Say I Love You:

Four out of the five bandmates work there full time and, last month, the venture earned them the title of hardest working band in Britain from the Association of Independent Music.

When I visit, the lead singer is manning the coffee machine, busily grinding beans and frothing milk as the shop fills up before an in-store gig by visiting Manchester band Dutch Uncles.

Drummer Dave Harper and bassist Steve Dennis are behind the counter in a state of harangued dishevelment - passing coffee cups, jabbing the till, fetching supplies, pausing to chat to friends.