Sunday, October 13, 2013

Katy Perry: Good news for comedy

Apparently Katy Perry has "put her comedy plans on hold" because she's just too busy:

She tells “Jimmy Fallon,” a former “SNL” regular, “I wish I could do some comedy sketches because I love being around comedians, I love the air, I love the kind of craziness… but I have to go all over the world and I’m only one person, I’m not, like, in a band or in a girl group, so I have to delegate my time very carefully.

“I’m, like, picking out the costumes for the dancers, and writing the lyrics, and making sure all the lights are right and everything. I have a great team that really helps me and I couldn’t do it without them, but I am definitely the captain of my ship and everybody reports to me.”
I love the idea that it's being a solo artist which makes the time crunch so profound - yeah, if only she had a bassist or a drummer she could send to do the gigs, she'd be able to be a regular on CopyCats.

Hear'Say managed to combine being in Hear'Say with a Saturday night light entertainment show, which contained elements that were clearly expected to be treated as comedy items. Admittedly, there were more of them, but generally, there was roughly the same total amount of clue had spread across Hear'Say as there is with Perry.

It won't happen for Perry any time soon, though, as at the moment she's incredibly busy being eclipsed by Miley Cyrus at every turn.