Saturday, October 05, 2013

Nothing Compares 2 Feud: Apparently the O'Connor-Cyrus thing is going to roll on a while

While most of the attention has been on Miliband v Dacre, the musical differences between Miley Cyrus and Sinead O'Connor have been bubbling away no less vociferously.

The latest front in the battle has been Sinead's appearance on The Late Late Show on RTE:

Of Cyrus, she said: "I'm not dismissing the records, they are great records. Miley's records are great records. What I feel is that the industry of music does exploit people who are possibly a little too young to know what they are doing.

"I'm asking whether it's appropriate for 20-year-old women to lick sledgehammers for videos in songs which have no lyrical reference to any such thing in them. It's an exploitation of someone too young to understand the dangers."
This does raise the astonishing possibility that if Miley had included an appropriate lyrical reference, Sinead wouldn't have minded the sequences. "Sure, if there had been a line 'lick my hammer till it drips/swing it hard/tweak my nips', then I'd not have been bothered."

At a stretch, given the song is called Wrecking Ball, under Sinead's apparent rule that pop videos must always be like a giddy version of Catchphrase, with the lyrics depicted on screen, the bit of Miley naked on the demolition tool would be alright.

The real shame about the whole fight? It started when Miley announced she'd taken inspiration from Sinead's Nothing Compares 2U video. (By the way, there's nothing in the lyrics of that song about ramming your face close up into somebody else's and blubbing, so maybe that was wrong, too?

The thing about that, though, is that the Nothing Compares video was hardly original in the first place, given its obvious debt to this:

If Miley had merely said she'd been told she was ripping off Godley and Creme's idea, all this unpleasantness could have been avoided.