Friday, December 20, 2013

2013 Steps To Nowhere: January 2013

Cassingles are the coming thing, apparently. And this chap Jimi Hendrix has a new single out. David Bowie came back. Welcome to our review of 2013. Yes, we checked the year. It's 2013.

The Wanted think they're like The Beatles. Then, after releasing a terrible video, they tried to be The Beatles.

HMV was probably as surprised as anyone at a bidding war breaking out; but surely nobody was surprised that Viva Forever, the Spice Girls musical, was struggling? In the end, Hilco won the HMV battle.

When life steals Damon Albarn's bicycle, he goes to the bike shop. When Ronan Keating gets a bad review, he goes onto Twitter.

When Beyonce played the inauguration, there was some debate over whether she was lip-synching or just simply magic. At least nobody invited Lupe Fiasco, though, after he called Obama a child killer, right? Oh.

In something of a first, The BBC Sound Of… title went to a band, Haim rather than a pasty-faced singer-songwriter.

Lawyers seized the rights to George Clinton's back catalogue.

Split: Shrag, Racehorses, SCUM
Closed: The Independent, Sunderland, Virgin Megastores in Paris; OneUp, Aberdeen, Artrocker's print edition
Back: Black Flag

[Part of 2013 Steps To Nowhere]
Tomorrow: February.

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