Tuesday, December 24, 2013

2013 Steps To Nowhere: May

Gennaro Castaldo left the HMV to work his magic with the BPI.

Eurovision happened. The Spectator decided it was all the BBC's fault.

Someone tried to see a gig at Venue Cymru, only to be set a pop quiz by the bouncers. They lost. Omarion's security were accused of making people fight.

RIAA attempt to introduce certificates for streaming but more for their benefit than anyone else's. But it's not quite as empty a gesture as blocking file sharing sites.

Liam Gallagher's kids find him as embarassing as the rest of us. Macauly Culkin moved in with Pete Doherty.

Gus Wenner took over the Rolling Stone website, based on his skills and not because it's his dad's business. Harry Styles can't rely on his Dad, so plans to marry into royalty instead.

Radio One is losing listeners all over the shop. Perhaps not playing Robbie Williams is part of the fightback?

When The Man tried to stop moshing, Ellie Goulding said mosh on. When Tesco got caught selling sexist greeting cards, Steve Brookstein stepped in to defend the supermarket. He was paid in unsold horsemeat for his trouble.

Brian May thinks judging TV talent shows is beneath Tom Jones.

Rihanna was unamused to see her face in TopShop on tshirts and went to court. Adam Levine didn't like a phone vote outcome, and somehow ended up having to prove his patriotism.

Pete Waterman called the Rilling Stoned old.

Closing: All Tomorrows Parties, Hop Festival
Bust: Blue
Splitting: Tame Impala

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