Saturday, December 14, 2013

The Courteneers are taking a year out

The Courteeners are planning a quiet year next year, apparently. They're going on hiatus:

Speaking to Tim Cocker on the XFM Manchester Breakfast Show earlier today (December 13), the band's frontman Liam Fray said that the gig the band are set to play at Manchester Arena tonight will be "the last one we do for a while".

He commented: "I'm not going to say for a long time cos I don't know. We played a lot of gigs this year and we've played those songs a lot, I think we need to go away and decide which ones work best, what we like and reassess really for the next 'phase'". Fray added that 2014 will "definitely be quieter", saying: "The arena will be your last chance to dance for a while... At least a year."
Actually, that could just be a threat that he's going to break everyone's ankles based on that last sentence.

It's hard to know how we can face a New Year without The Courteeners in it, but we must try to be brave, everybody. Be brave.

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