Saturday, January 25, 2014

Good reasons for not going to the Grammys

Regina Spektor is up for her first Grammy this weekend. Is she going to go?


This isn't a principled stand against the idea of judging music and awarding prizes in this way.

She's got a reason:

"Hi there friends! I was so happy to be nominated for my first Grammy!" she wrote. "I would have definitely gone to L.A. for all the fun, in a party dress and with bells on, if I wasn't so super pregnant at the moment. (!!!!!!!!!!). Jack and I are very excited to be expecting a brand new human together!!!"
Of course, this might just have been a very clever ruse to avoid having to go to the Grammys, albeit one that calls for almost as much commitment as Keith Moon's "pretending to be dead for 35 years" Grammy swerve plan.