Sunday, January 12, 2014

Ricky Wilson stopped finding the Kaiser Chiefs interesting

It's hard to believe - by which I mean easy to believe - that anyone could get bored of being a Kaiser Chief, isn't it?

He recalled: ''Personally, a few years ago I got a little bit lazy and stopped taking as much interest in it [the band] as I should.

''I think my ambition meter got full and I thought I'd done everything, ticked all the boxes.
Yes, he did talk about ticking all the boxes, like he was being shown round a house by Kirstie and Phil and had spotted that there was a separate laundry room and an outhouse for a business he never quite explains.

You might wonder what made him suddenly interested in the band again. Or, you might assume that it was a realisation that I Predict A Riot had stopped being the go-to soundtrack song for any footage of boisterous behaviour on TV, and that gravy train was about to dry up. Or, you could pretend to be interested:
''Nick, my best pal and drummer left and I suddenly realised I didn't want to live without it [the band]. It gave me a kick up the a**e. I can't speak for the rest of the band but I think it gave us all the same kind of feeling.''
It sounds like Nick Hodgson was more bored with the band than Ricky was. Which suggests that Wilson couldn't even be wholehearted about being bored shitless.

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