Wednesday, February 05, 2014

It turns out being drooled over by Robin Thickie is a career move

So, you thought being in Robin Thickie's Not Raping Can Be So Confusing video would be a dead end for Emily Ratajkowski. Well, how wrong you were.

As a direct result of her part in Blurred Lines, Emily can now move on from being perved over with a new job, erm, posing for Sports Illustrated annual swimwear edition. I suppose at least she gets to wear some clothes this time.

By the way, there's apparently some people who think that Thicke's video didn't promote appalling attitudes towards women. Here's the opening words from Pedestrian's article about Emily:

Living Venus Emily Ratajkowski, who is credited as the #1 Boner Catalyst of 2013 for her emphatic performance in Robin Thicke's "Blurred Lines" video...
It's not just that, rather than a person, she's been described as something that stirs an erection, but they've even got the science wrong. A catalyst doesn't make something happen, it just speeds up the rate of a reaction.

Mind you, if they think about people in that way, maybe the people over at Pedestrian do find their erections going off faster than they'd hope.